Do I want to be today’s PERFECT or today’s NORMAL?

Everyone wants to be categorized as perfect be it anyone nobody wants to limit them self to look just NORMAL. We all somewhere hope we looked a little better and that little better is just what would make us PERFECT in our eyes and in the world’s.

Unfortunately, the standard set for being perfect is simply being flawless. No acne, no scars, no body fat, no texture on the skin, no stretch marks, no cellulite etc. We have all grown up in a world where beauty standards were set by models or actresses. We grew up watching these prefect faces on magazine covers with no flaws whatsoever, we grew up watching thin models walk on the modelling floor convincing us zero figure is the best, we grew up watching movies where a fat girl was always mocked upon for having a certain body type and when she lost weight she was applauded upon making us believe if you are fat a change is necessary for you.

It’s 2021 and we have more added platforms like Instagram that set unrealistic beauty standards for us a click away. I come across these absurd makeup artists who pretend to show reality and simultaneously try to convince young girls that full coverage foundations, color correcting, unnecessary concealing, pore filling primers is what makes the base of makeup. Makeup is an art, it’s not a way to cover your insecurities.

The other day I was walking down a road with my young cousin and she commented on a girl’s physique because she was fat. I immediately corrected her and told her that being fat was not a bad thing its a body type just like being thin. Seeing a young girl comment on someone’s body made me realize that its us who are teaching them that being fat is wrong and having flaws is simply unacceptable. If we really wish to see a change in the society its very important to teach our younger generation the toxic parts of the society and how looks are not everything that describes a person.

It’s easier to be NORMAL to just accept your flaws and look into a mirror every morning without feeling the need to cover your flaws. I hope you choose to be NORMAL today and dump the perfection you always wanted.


Here to rant about unrealistic beauty standards. Beauty needs a redefinition. Believing in skin and body positivity ✨